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Memory foam was created by NASA during the early 1970s while performing tests on the possibly damaging results of g-forces. The innovative material was thought to have various health benefits and hospitals began to appreciate the advantages of the brand new technology. These components was adopted increasingly for patients struggling with back injuries. Through the early 1990s, it had been on offer by various mattress manufacturers like a healthy option to various other conventional materials.

The unique feature of the memory foam mattress is it molds itself to the shape of your body, thus offering extra support, whether you are sleeping on your side, back or front. And if you constantly toss and turn and shift position, the mattress shifts along with you, ensuring you remain comfortable. This feature, obviously, causes it to be well suited for two people over sleeping the same bed - one person shifting position constantly won't disturb another person's sleep.

It can also be good for those with back problems because the mattress molds itself to the body of anyone lying on it, it helps the spine to stay in a neutral position and minimizes pressure on other areas from the body. For those who have an aching or tender area of the body, the mattress helps you to relieve pressure on that particular area and many chiropractors routinely recommend sleeping on them.

A memory foam mattress is manufactured entirely from natural material, making it well suited for allergy sufferers. They are also naturally resistant to those rather annoying pests - dust mites and bed bugs - which could live in the cleanest environment.

The mattress also offers a chance to remain cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter. Furthermore, it will likewise absorb your body heat from a person resting on it, causing it to melt, This could make it useful for those with an injury - the mattress is commonly softer and gentler than the usual regular mattress.

It isn't only adults who are able to take advantage of this kind of mattress. Children and toddlers can also routinely enjoy a better night's sleep. Research indicates that a newborn baby tends to sleep better around the mattress, leading, of course, to some better night's sleep for that parents.

And many those who own a memory foam mattress would maintain that one of their biggest advantages isn't having to flip it every so often. Because there are no springs this rather tedious chore could be avoided. Today, lots of people take advantage of sleeping on this kind of mattress and several maintain it provides the best night's sleep ever.